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Doc Brown just got shot, Einstein bolted and a VW Bus full of angry Libyans wants you dead. You hop in the Delorian, punch the gas and take off. Just as you hit 88 and your Goodyears catch fire, you realize you don’t remember if you set the Flux Capacitor to 1985 or 2015. Who cares about that, though, Luke Rain is blasting out the car stereo. Let it ride…

Luke Rain: born and raised in South Seattle, schooled at historic Franklin High and the son of a poet and a bass player. It’s only natural that Hip Hop is his chosen art form.

His latest album, Rain Shine (available at, is entirely self-produced, blending hard hitting rap drums, distorted electronic synths and killer guitar solos (shout out to Ayron Jones).

Luke is also a fixture at Northwest hip hop shows, having graced stages with People Under the Stairs, Layzie Bone, OneBeLo, Ra Scion, Elzhi, Greyskul and Dyme Def as well as headlining shows in his own right.

Also, Luke Rain is half rapper, half producer, and half Ninja Turtle. Check your math: That’s 150% mean green fighting machine… on the half shell… JEAH!