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Like many of you, last summer I loved getting all those wonderfully free Kanye tracks that came out weekly as part of Yeezy's G.O.O.D. Friday series. Everybody got to gear up for the release of Mr. West's full lengh album (a must own if you're still holdin the late pass), and more importantly, get a lil bit of free music. Now WHAT'S more recession proof than FREE MUSIC?

So as an homage to the great egotist and gay fish, I submit to you, the noble listener, my series of bi-weekly free songs, which I entitle: P.O.O.R. Thursdays (don't ask me what the acronym means, lol). I know the recession is hitting hard, and YOU DESERVE NEW MUSIC!

You're welcome.

This weeks installment, to kick them all off -- well, I guess I REALLY "kicked off" with my seahawks song last month, but that came out on a Tuesday! But I digress. The new song, called Rain or Shine, comes out just in time for Valentines day. My lady recently told me that she's not a huge fan of the holiday, as she's never really had a great one. I replied, "Don't worry, baby, I'll keep the bar low." So here goes, she can remember THIS Valentines day as the one she got embarrassed by a song sent out to hundreds of people via the interwebs.


DOWNLOAD RAIN OR SHINE, complete with instrumental for the mixtape rappers and radio edit for the prudes.