LUCK-ONE: "Sounds Of My City" Video

Check this video from my dude Luck-One outta Portland. I already liked the song, and now "Sounds of my City" has visual counterpart with a good concept and narrative behind it that walks the viewer thru a hypothetical day in a struggling young artists life.

I'm not schooled in videography lingo, but... wait, is videography a word? Firefox spell check says no... whatever, moving on! I'm not schooled in videography lingo, but there's something about the way the light plays thru the lens in this that I'm not 100% sold on. I like my colors really vibrant, my brights bright, my darks crisp... throw some color-safe tide on that bitch and wash it again! I do, however, dig the editing and storytelling of the video, and so I command you to view it... Good job, now send it to a friend... Great! Now discuss it in length in the comments section... I'll wait...

Cool, now that that's over with, it's probably getting close to Sunday, June 19th, where you can see Luck-One along with yours truly, Luke Rain, Hi-Life Sound System & TxE, the latter also from the great state of Oregon. DJ's Swervewon & Gyrate spin as well. Follow them all on Twitter via the links on their names. Its FREE and EARLY (doors at 6, music at 7), and we're gonna feed you BBQ, so I'll see you there when you're tired of hanging with your dad and need a friggin DRINK!