Havi Blaze - Purple & Gold


Ok so I'ma be down with something reppin UW colors off the bat, but aside from that I had first heard Havi on Scribes "Lift Your Light" and I thought: "I gotta look out for this dude." Of course my lazy ass didn't follow up then, but the other week I'm ridin from Portland to Seattle late-night post-studio with Luck-One and Fatal Lucciauno and Luck tells me I gotta here this dude Havi Blaze. The iPod gets hooked up and I got to hear a selection of cuts of this fine mixtape. I'm definitely impressed by the flow, kid's got good flow and delivery, and range from punchline battle rap to intricate concept tracks. RESPECT. Beat selection is on point for the most part too. Even the title track, which is the obligatory "Black & Yellow" remix is on point, and here I thought I was sick to death of remakes to the Wiz Kalifa beat, but this one has more body than most, and left my head nodding. But don't take my word for it, DL the tape by clicking the picture up top, you won't regret it!