K.O. - Cursive Elegance

First, I gotta thank Miss Casey Carter for posting this tape on her blog, misscaseycarter.com and putting K.O. my radar. Make sure you go check out her show she's puttin on at Nectar this Thursday, August 4.

K.O. Opens up with "Red Wine", smooth, soulful and for the ladies. Dude on the hook sings nice, the rappin is good and my head was noddin all the way thru to solid drums and hypnotic horns and keys. Later in the project he lets us know that he "ain't no facebook comment" on the track "you ain't gotta like me". Solid track. Bump it.



So far I'm up to "everything I won't be". Track 7 out of 11, and i can confidently say that if you like smooth, sample-based production & smooth, strong rap lyrics u should DL this tape and go bump it out in the sunshine. Now if you'll excuse me I'ma get back to sneakin sips of Knob Creek and watchin bikini clad booty here at Madison Beach where YOU should come holla at me.


PS- the CD finishes strong, enjoy that shit y'all!