VIDEO: Grieves & Budo - Against the Bottom

So I watched a few videos on the blogs today to see what to reblog up here, and most got cut after a minute or so. Redundant beats, weak vocal mix, boring shots, etc. One by one they all fell down. Then I got to this one. The video concept itself isn't a revolution, and neither is the song, but both are interesting. Budo brings a beat worthy of summertime: smooth, light, bringing more than a hint of nostalgia. Grieves is in his usual form: poetic & talkin to an unnamed lady through a solid flow. The video has a lot of shots of friends drinkin at a house party, said friends lounging in a tree on a sunny hill, and my personal favorite, Budo, accompanied by a girl, pushing Grieves down the sidewalk in a shopping cart. I just wonder where they found a cart without the now ubiquitous anti-theft wheel lock system.  Good song, good video, and I love summertime.

- Luke