Eighty4 Fly - Flight Eighty4

From the man that brought us the fun mixtape First Class In Fly World, Eighty4 Fly is back with another DJ B-Mello mixed project. My favorite track, The Weekend, jumps it off. It just leaks the energy of a sunny Saturday afternoon in the Town. Champagne sounds like it should be a banger, but the beat is a little commonplace. I do like the interaction with the British girl on the intro tho, and that continues into London Japan. Smoke Break is a Samba feel instrumental that keeps ya movin.

Skippin ahead a bit Im really feelin I Get It. The 50 Cent singin on the chorus and smooth flute-driven beat are a must. Love Forever is filthy. Dancy rhythm on the Gorillaz Sample, but when they drop it to cut time I wanna throw 'bos in the club. JEAH. Pow Pow is just smooth candy paint drippin with the chopped-n-skrewd chorus. Red Bottoms is cool, Brake Lights 2 doesn't live up to the super illness of part 1 from the last tape. Finally, Weed is over the same internet beat that K.O. used for his single Barry White (DL K.O.'s tape here), but that takes nothing away from either song cuz the beat is sick. So go blow u a blunt if it's ur style, and turn up the Eighty4 Fly.

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