Joint Sunday-Monday Bumbershoot Review

SUNDAY REVIEW So last nite my fone died about 8 hours before i got home and passed out at 3am, and i woke up and rolled back to bumbershoot, so this is late. Late pass! Im writin this on my fone as i watch Fitz and the Tantrums, who have the crowd goin bananas rite now (but to a smaller crowd than macklemore, ill get to that later).

Sunday at noon Sol rocked fountain lawn. ILL. I only caught the last half but damn did he own that sizeable crowd. And i saw Spliff f. Grynch, Dear Friends and Time f. Grieves so im happy. I also cought Mad Rad rockin hard, Dam Funk doin some wierd funky shit, and Das Racist was kinda cool, my first time seeing them.

The real gem of the night was of course Macklemore.
It was insane to me just to see a guy ive known around the scene for a decade fill key areana. I repeat: FILL KEY ARENA. I was in the upper deck on the far end from the stage taking it all in. Fittingly enough i sat in section 206. Swag. Mack did all the songs you would expect: wings, otherside, and we danced, etc, and finished strong with Irish celebration. A four piece horn section (shouts to Owour on trumpet) and three piece string section, six dancers, Ray Dalton on vocals, one costume change and a cameo by #40 himself, Shawn Kemp. But dont forget "the backbone of the music", Ryan mother fuckin Lewis. Hands down one of the premier producers out of the town (and if u dont know about Jake one, bean one, vitamin D, brainstorm, sabzi, etc. Do ur homework, thats a prestigious class!), Lewis doesnt merely make beats; dude composes works of art with a break beat.

So i didnt stay for wiz kalifa. I figure i only know a few of his songs and dont like them all, but i hear the arena was a hotbox within 6 minutes and a few fights allegedly broke out in the crowd. Im good on both of those so im glad i dipped.


3 days running! I arrived in time to catch Sportn life's own Fly Moon Royalty, and they sounded pretty good. I like their CD, free on bandcamp (google it, im posting from my fone) but the stage show was pretty straight forward, no craziness. Ive been hearing the name Kendrick Lamar so i caught half his set in Key Arena. It wasnt too full, but he seemed pretty cool. I dont know his songs tho, and his fans loved it. A little misogynistic for my taste.  Big Boi came on next and i went ape shit. I danced like the gangly white boy i am and shouted his lyrics til my throat went hoarse. He hit all 4 major Outkast albums and both of his solo joints, and got hella white girls to dance on stage, which was HELLA funny. Good shit.

Next up on my list was Mash Hall. I had not seen them in months and they did not disappoint. They rocked Sky Churh super hard and played Whitney, up early in em, meth heads and all my favorites. Along with a huge video screen in the background with breakin videos and other wierd shit, breakin on stage, and a lot of scarves swingin like helicopters on High fivin my cousin. You know, im not a huge fan of Get your ass to mars on the record, but damn do i love that track live!

I then cut out to see Comedy bang bang with Scott Aukerman. Way too funny. Doug Benson was there, along with Cake Boss, one of my favorite characters, and a misogynistic old theater directer who told a story about the little mermaids ass and pussy, traded for no voice: the perfect woman.

Now i wait for Hall and Oates. We'll see how this is, but its a couple minutes from starting and Macklemore had waaaaay more people here. And its all thanks to the amazing high scool fans he has, many of which i met this weekend. So i am now putting together an all ages show. If anybody has a suggestion for what local rapper should be on the bill hit me at