Luck-One: King of the Northwest

My dude Luck-One has got some new new that you need in your earbuds ASAP.


Luck has really stepped up on this project, branching out from some of his previous work and hitting a broader swatch of the hip hop spectrum. He works with a ton of talented producers and emcees on KOTNW, and the Seattle Stranger's own Larry Mizell, Jr. notes that Luck "got even better, with a much-needed dose of swing and looseness. One listen in, I can say he's clearly shitting all over this tape."


Not to mention a verse and a production credit by your's truly on the banger "Long Road Back". Get that.

click here to DOWNLOAD the mixtape

Finally, I'm hard at work on even more new music, and it will be coming to a blog near you in the near future. Or a long time ago, in a Galaxy far, far away... I keep forgetting which Luke I am.