Mic Phenom - What I've Been Doing Mixtape

This is the long, long awaited first studio project from an emcee mostly known for his quick tongue and razor wit on the battle rap scene. Lots of battlers have trouble bridging the gap from freestyle one-liners to structured song writing, but here again the MI born, HI raised Mic Phenom both shows & proves.

Starting off strong with a Look At Me Now remix featuring Mr. 10k himself, Neema, both prove how quick they can rap while still droppin entertaining punch lines. A few later, heavy hitter Grynch and up-&-comer Lux join on an ill beat for 3 The hard Way. Portland producer Trox gives a solid canvas on Bless Me, with a chorus I hear tell was originally penned by Grynch for the track. City of Mine, Maybach Music (w/ T-Pain still on the chorus), Euphoria, Villain and more are head knockers, tho he gets a lil dark on the closer Suicide Note.

Solid mixtape and strong first showing. Some of these cuts will stay on my iPhone for a good while, which in my world is a big bump. So bump it. And keep an ear and an eye out for Mic Phenom.

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