Saturday Bumbershoot Review

Saturday Bumbershoot Review

Whoever said "there's no good bands at Bumbershoot this year" was fuckin up! I bussed it down to the center just in time to catch Champagne Champagne at the Fisher Green. Despite some soundman difficulties, they rocked it. The got some real cool, wierd beats and a good stage energy. I met a dude named Kyle passing out Reign City fliers and we then strolled over to see Astronautilus, or some such thing. Not really my vibe, tho he had killer banter.

Then it was time to see Scribes rock the EMP 3rd level, hands down the best show Ive seen the guy put on. A 90s r&b break in the middle and cameos by JFK, Havi Blaze & some ill singer white girl put it over the top. After a free taco i saw a bit of Shabazz Palaces. Lot of hype around the Sub Pop signed duo, but i don't really get it, so i walked around a while.

The homegirl Nico implored me to see Little Dragon, a Swedish dance pop band that rocked my socks for 20 minutes until I cut out to see Trombone Shorty at the Mural stage. GOD DAMN! Those dudes are swag-tastic and a half. They killed the whole set, the high point being a cover of Nirvanas "In Bloom." Extra ill points when, for their last song the whole band did a Chinese fire drill on the instruments and rocked just as hard with Shorty on drums, the drummer on guitar, percussionist on trumpet, etc.  Best show of the day.

Walkin back by the fountain i caught 3 songs by a band that the soccer mom next to me informed me was called Star Fucker. Then finally Ray LaMontagne in Key Arena. Pretty good blues/folk but a lil mellow for my taste. Left to find Minus the Bear, i band I've heard mentioned but never heard, jammin at Fisher Green. They were pretty filthy, despite the bright spot lights aimed at the crowds eyes half the time.

Good fuckin first day, I hope to see u all there Sunday & Monday. Sunday I'm pumped for Sol, Mad Rad, Dam Funk, Das Racist & Macklemore. Hell, I'll prolly even stay for Wiz Kalifa's Pittsburgh reppin ass.