Scribes - Pass You By Video

Last time I saw Scribes, he was effectively rockin the 3rd floor venue at the EMP on Bumbershoot Saturday. And he did rock it indeed, with a little help from his friends and an RnB interlude. Now, he and rising star video director Jon Jon Agustavo are back with a second video release from the well worthwhile "What Was Lost" album that dropped earlier this year. Check it out:

The video alternates between Scribes training in a boxing gym and rapping in the empty ring. No revolution on the concept of a rap video, but I do like dude throwin some punches in there, takin a few swings for us skinny white guys, lol. It also doesn't tell a story like his previous video, "Roll My Way", but it's a well executed video nonetheless. Keep doin it Scribes, it gets better every time!

- Luke