SK - Baby f. John Crown

Sport'n Life Records is home to NW heavy hitters Spac3man, D. Black & Fatal Lucciauno. But that ain't all they got to offer. Those who showed up early on Monday to Bumberstoot saw Fly Moon Royalty rock the Fountain Lawn stage, and those who come out to my show at Nectar on Sunday, September 18, will know about SK.

SK is so far lesser known than his label mates, but he aims to raise his profile on the scene, and quick. Baby, an aptly titled song about... a baby... is a follow up to his recent mixtape Late Arrival, and a big step up in production value. Granted, it is a Ghostface beat, but these days there's no reason to go out over wack production, so cheers to SK.

Rumor has it that SK will have a new EP dropping in the near future, and bet that you can read about it right here when it does...