Taywill - Wish Me Luck EP

Taywill is new to my sphere of awareness, but from listening to him he's been doing his thing for a minute, cuz this dude sounds CRISP. Props to DJ Swervewon for letting me know this guy is doing it, and now he will be performing at my 3rd Sunday show at Nectar on 10/14. 

This project, Wish Me Luck, is marketed as an EP, but weighing in at 11 tracks it almost seems like an LP. All titles aside, though, it sounds GOOD. It leans toward the laid back side of hip hop, so put this one on loop when you're chillin at the spot or drivin in this Seattle rain that has come back thru. My favorite track so far is The Deconstruction.

 Make sure to listen below, and click for the free download.