VIDEO: L. Hammond - Light Up/Get Em Dot

Ok back to the music.

Next Wednesday (11/2) at Nectar Lounge I'll be performing at the Hip Hop Heals benefit concert for Treehouse, a local organization that supports NW foster kids (the show's being organized by the one and only Maria Harris.On the bill with me are some Sea Town acts I'm very familiar with, namely BAYB, GMK, Sean Symphony, & The Good Sin, and one that I've somehow been sleeping on. But I just got a wake up call:

L. Hammond comes with two songs back to back, the first over the Drake/Jay collabo "Light Up", and the second beat I don't recognize (someone school me if I'm sleepin again!) but both sound tight, and L. shows strong flow and interesting concept and lines. At least as impressive, however, is the video itself. The light up portion has a time lapse shot of the Seattle skyline from the west while the sun sets, and video of the rapper superimposed on a portion of the brick wall in the foreground. During verse two he's rapping in the middle of a lecture hall while students rush around him in fast forward. Very interesting. In the second song, "Get Em Dot", he raps under a staircase with red caution tape in front of him. Only two shots happen in this portion, but Hammond is shown in double, with a second version of himself appearing as a translucent specter.

The video was shot and edited by BoldView Entertainment, check em out on Twitter and Youtube, and I see they will also be providing video services for the Hip Hop Heals show next Wednesday.

- Luke