Luck-One written up in Portland Tribune

 My homie and friend of the blog Luck-One, aka Killa Conscious the Kufi Smacka, just got a dope interview written up in the Portland Tribune, check what they had to say about him, and what he had to say about life:

"Portland is widely known for its indie rock — so much so that Spin magazine dubbed it “Indie Town, USA” in 2007.
But, what many people don’t know is that the city also has a respectable hip-hop scene.
Luck-One, also known as Hanif Collins, a 26-year-old emcee born and raised in Northeast Portland, has become the star of the scene in recent years, gaining a large fan base with his high-quality albums.
His latest release, the immodestly called “King of the Northwest Mixtape,” demonstrates his ability to give clever social commentary from a candid “street” perspective. He’s a scholar, a passionate advocate for freedom and a realist who sets his views to music."

- Luke