The Red Door

Ok so this isn't normally the kind of thing that I post, but it's too ill not to. Some awesome dancing in key Seattle locations. If you're short on time, at least cut to like 4 minutes in and see the glow in the dark part. Good shit.

The Red Door from Tanner Wendell Stewart on Vimeo.

this info was shamelessly stolen from the vimeo account listed above^^

The Red Door was the opening video for Generation Church live at Meany Hall on Wednesday November 2nd. The video was aired and was followed by the performance by Tyson Edwards and Daniel Dorsey.

Directed and Filmed by Ben Yagolnikov and Tanner Stewart
Produced by Ben Yagolnikov, Tanner Stewart, Tyson Edwards, and Daniel Dorsey
Choreography by Tyson Edwards and Daniel Dorsey
Balcony Camera operator: Paul (last name?)

The song is a remix of the original song, Pumped up Kicks by Foster The People

Tyson's YouTube channel and twitter

My Twitter and website

Generation Church

- Luke