Smokeaholics - Welcome to Vansterdam

So my clock reads 2:40 as I type this, but I must be gettin some dyslexia, cuz it sounds like 4:20. The Smokeaholics new album is bumpin in my ears, and I'm pleasantly surprised by it. It's as one-track-minded as it sounds from the title, but who can't get down with a smoke track? I'm 4 years deep in weed sobriety and I can still get down, so check it out and turn it up, whether you're lighting up or not!

"Smokeaholics" is bangin, "Puff and Pass" is dancy, on "Good Trees" they show their double time spits, "Vansteram" is the oblgatory city anthem. "Technichronic" is bizarre, in a cap hill sorta style, and "BC Hydro" sounds real familiar, I think this is the 3rd CD i've reviewed on this blog that used this beat, but still, not tired of it. Beats are hot, dudes can rhyme, and one of em kinda reminds me of BlesOne of MashHall, so that's tight. JEAH!

- Luke