VIDEO: Macklemore - And We Danced

Seeing this video was the best part of my day. Period. And it was a pretty good day!

Epic video. My words will not do enough to describe it. Props to Griff J and Ryan Lewis on the direction.
Also check the teaser video below, no music, but comedy for sure.

Macklemore is killing the game right now. Between his new singles "Can't Hold Us" and "Make the Money" (buy em on iTunes, bitches), and the "Wings" video and this one, and his EPIC bumbershoot performance, and the multiple XXL appearances, and the Seattle Times front page, and rocking Safeco for the M's home opener, and the national headlining tour, safe to say that if you're not on board with this guy you are FUCKIN UP! Hop up on the bandwagon, ho, Mack and Ryan are shuttin shit down.

- Luke