Captain Midnite Remix: Sol - This Shit

I just saw this posted up on facebook, and it had me bobbin my head immediately, bump:

SOL - This Shit (Captain Midnite Remix) by Captain Midnite

Sol dropped this track as a single from the 3rd installment of his "Dear Friends" EP series this summer, and it is a chilled out jam that brings up visions of poolside BBQs and lazy days with a joint and a brew. In fact, that's all that's depicted in the video to the original version of this song.

The remix, however brings up a completely different picture. The grimy bass line and sharp synth lines are right up my alley, and I picture laser lights and smoke from a machine instead of a blunt. A real night and day between the original and the remix, which is what I always think a remix should do: FLIP IT.

Captain Midnite has a good pedigree behind him as a singer and a producer, but Seattle fans might remember him best for his work with The Let Go. I know that's how I know him. I'm now looking forward to the next project from this talented individual.

- Luke