Luke Rain - [RE]definition for the P is Free

Over the past few years I overheard the term "It ain't trickin' if you got it" used in more rap songs than I can count. Used by rappers to justify spending stupid amounts of money (that they allegedly "got") on women to keep them around, the term never sat well with me. I'm calling BULLSHIT. Quit being a trick. I can't knock the hustle of a honey playin fellas like dummies, but I won't hesitate to clown a dude for needing to stoop to paying women to hang out with him. Grow a personality, fool.

For further reading into the subject, and to see where I jacked the pic for the song artwork above, check out this post on The Book of Jackson blog. Read it while u bump my track on loop. BTW, for a mini hip hop history lesson, this beat has been used famously on Boogie Down Productions' (KRS-One) "Remix for P is Free" and Blackstar's "Definition". Hence the title. SWAG.

- Luke