Video: Luck-One - Farewell

Luck-One's new song "Farewell" reads more like a journal entry than a typical rap song. Then again, I've never heard anybody accuse Luck of being typical. A very chill beat, something Drake might have put in the middle of one of his albums when he wants people to really listen. And it does just that: the simple piano progression and kick drum act as a nearly blank canvas that supports but doesn't overshadow the message of the verses. That message? That Luck is clearly looking for a change in life and wants to look for it outside of his familiar NW hip hop scene. I've heard the man speak on bowing out of rapping before and I've never quite bought the threat. He's still here making good music, isnt' he? And as far as his ambitions to travel (he mentions South America, Mexico and Mecca by name), I've always found that a change of scenery fuels my musical engine, and I'm planning a 2 month hiatus from the scene with my lady for later in 2012 too.

In summation: I like the song, I like Luck-One as an artist. If I were a betting man I would put my money on hearing more from Killa Conscious, even beyond the several projects I've heard he currently has in the works. So "Farewell", Luck... for now.

P.S. - Me and Luck have another song coming out called "Natural Born Killers", look for it on my upcoming EP Rain Shine, which I will be releasing at Nectar during the Gift of Gab show on 1/29. See you there!

- Luke