VIDEO: Childish Gambino - Bonfire

So lately I've been loving the idea that a rap video doesn't have to be the tried and true "I lip sync my verses to the camera in front of my car/ block/ green screen/ whatever." With that in mind, Childish Gambino's "Bonfire" video is fresh air. In fact, Gambino, aka Donald Glover (of Youtube's Derrick Comedy/ NBC's Community/ Comedy Central Presents fame) doesn't look at the camera OR mouth any of his lyrics in this video. SWAG.

It starts with the rapper waking up in a forest with a noose around his neck & vomiting blood; OK, i'm intrigued. He's wearing short shorts and a "Camp Gambino" t-shirt that is a bit worse for the wear; hmmm, I'm chuckling. He then sees a knife and noose wielding psycho stalking toward a bonfire of campers telling scary stories!!! OH NO, LOOK OUT!

No spoilers tho, watch the damn video. Props to Dan Eckman, the director. Mystery Team is my shit, if you don't know, watch that movie.

- Luke