Jason Silva speaks on "Ecstasy"

This video is NOT about hip hop. But it's ill. And short, lol. And I'm going to make it about hip hop.

On this day of the monetization and consumption of the idea of love, I'm wondering what is that emotion we feel? I've always avoided this holiday, because it's overwhelming; the expectations and the craziness are too much, and I feel the real love gets lost in entitlement. I'm in love, tho, and I need to express myself, but the only way I do that eloquently is thru blogs and music, so here goes, I'ma get this off my chest. The word "catharsis" comes to mind:


the purging of the emotions or relieving of emotional tensions, especially through certain kinds of artas tragedy or music.

1795–1805;  < Neo-Latin  < Greek kátharsis  a cleansing,equivalent to kathar-  (variant stem of kathaírein  to cleanse,derivative of katharós  pure)

Pure, purify, through our art and music... isn't that why we love hip hop? Because when we create our music, OR when we hear another's creation, their emotional release, their catharsis, don't we feel ecstatic? Feel ecstasy? Ecstasy is ex- + stasis, meaning we are taken out of our state of being, just for that brief moment when we experience artistic truth, that release.

Don't you know that feeling in your chest? Yesterday I was wondering what the hell "heart chakra" means. I still don't know and won't venture a guess, but maybe that's where that feeling happens. Watch this video, again, it's short and ill:

ECSTASY from Jason Silva on Vimeo.


Crazy props to Jason Silva, I just heard him on Joe Rogan's podcast.

happy valentines day, whatever that means... lol

- Luke