VIDEO: M.anifest - Makaa Maka

I know of M.anifest from his work with Seattle born producer Budo (of Grieves & Budo fame) in the group A.R.M., or African Rebel Movement. M.anifest has a solid flow and a characteristic accent on his rhymes, a product of his origins in Ghana. On his new track Makaa Maka, he blends effortlessly between English and his native language Twi, of which I know nothing, but the cadences are hard enough to keep even a monolingual listener engaged thru the changes.

The beat is a little monotonous, in the purest sense of the word: the whole verse section almost only uses one note, but I'll let you decide if it's your cup of chai. The video seems to be shot in his native land, and is well done for sure, visually entertaining and offering a slice of life in another corner of the world. As for the title phrase, "Makaa maka"? I hear it was coined by the "godfather of Ghana hip hop", and has to do with unapologetically saying what you mean. SWAG.

- Luke