VIDEO: OneBeLo - Rabbit Food

As you may have heard, my dude OneBeLo is going to be coming out to Seattle to perform at my Birthday Bash and Album release, 3/3 at Nectar (click for FB event). In addition, he released a new album, L.A.B.O.R., last year, and came out with a video for one of his singles, Rabbit Food. Now I've known for a long time that Lo is a master of metaphor, and can make an entire verse or song fit a tight theme (see OneManArmy, S.S.A., Alphabet Soup) but this one blew me away. All food metaphors as related to rapping, check it out:

That's some cool shit, cool concept for the video too, shopping with the kids in the grocery store. Get 'em on the healthy diet young! Make sure to come check out OneBeLo at Nectar on Saturday, 3/3.

- Luke