VIDEO: State of the Artist - I Think I Love You

Last year my dudes SOTA made a killer EP titled "Altered State". Now that 2011 is in the books I feel safe in saying that "Altered State" was my favorite Seattle hip hop project of the year... and they had competition! If you haven't bumped it yet check my post about it here and download that. The reason I bring this up 9 months after the album drop is the crew has just released the video for the lead single on that project, entitled "I Think I Love You."

I dig the style of the video, a good use of shadow and light, blurry morning images moving toward a crazy masquerade party at night, and a thread that ties it all together. Special shout-outs to Jordan from the band Striking Back and the face Lace Cadence made when he took a swig of Jim Beam. That shit's disgusting. TEAM EVAN WILLIAMS!

That is all.

- Luke