VIDEO: Luck-One f. Dizz - Murderers

So about a month ago my dude Luck-One dropped his Beautiful Music pt 2 project with producer Dekk, and I keep meaning to review it here, but let's face it, I've been sluffin. Since i just caught this teaser video for one of the hotter tracks (there are many heaters on the project) dropped, I'm gonna kill 2 birds here. Check the video for "Murderers" f. Dizz, one of the illest producer/singers I know:

The video is hella cool lookin, great sepia tone style, well done by v1creative. Just wish it was longer! But in a world of 140 character tweets maybe it's better to cater to the short attention span, lol.

But a quick review of the album: IT'S ILL. I anticipate this staying in my iPod longer than even Beautiful Music part 1 did, which was a long time. Too many good tracks to name, but aside from "Murderers", "Black Seed", "Sword or the Pen", and "Welcome Back" come to mind. There are no bad songs, the beats by Dekk are ill as expected and Luck comes even more correct on the mic than what we are accustomed to. Here he opts to slow the rhyme down and play with pauses more than on previous projects, making it easier for the listener to comprehend all the multiple metaphors and punchlines he drops.



You're a fool if you don't.


- Luke