VIDEO: 2PAC at Coachella

 So unless you've been under a rock today, you heard that last night 2pac made an appearance at Coachella to perform Hail Mary and then 2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted w/ Snoop Dogg. I just peeped the video and DAMN is that cool. I got goosebumps, and I can only think one thing: STAR WARS IS HERE!!! Except it's even BETTER! Cuz it's 2pac instead of Princess Leia... Nobody cares about her, she got fat! Pac is lookin cut as ever (okay, maybe a little more cut than ever), and his blue jeans are glowing, but what did you expect, Thug Mansion's been good to a G. Check out the video and try to tell me this isn't the future of the laser show. Take mushrooms for THIS!

So dope
-  Luke