VIDEO: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Victory Lap

If you don't know that Macklemore was just honored by XXL as part of their Freshman List, WAKE THE FUCK UP! He and Ryan Lewis now have a new video for their song Victory Lap that's Featured on the XXL 2012 Freshman Mixtape. The video is comprised completely of stock footage of Macklemore at concerts and in the studio, ranging from when he was 17 to the present, and from Seattle around the world. In short, it's cool as shit. I found myself remembering where I was sitting at some of the Seattle shows and I got goosebumps. The Ryan Lewis beat is killer, with a trumpet melody I imagine was provided by my dude Owour Arunga, and Macklemore is in full effect, with the tone somewhere between a conversation and a sermon and the content straight from the emcee's heart. Check the video, and share that shit.

- Luke