Capitol Hill Block Party Sunday Review

So I just read the Weekly's review of Sunday at the CHBP, but I didn't see any of the bands mentioned that I immensely enjoyed, so fuck all that, I'm writing my own!

Preface to say I was camping Friday and Saturday to do the Warrior Dash cuz i'm a BEAST, and I'm sure there were some great bands then too, but I was fuckin busy. Also, since I was kinda hungover Sunday morning I didn't come out till like 6, so my bad to the even more bands I missed. BUT:

El Ten Eleven was SUPER SICK! They tore down Neumos at like 745 and had a huge sound with only 2 members! One on drums, the other with a menagerie of guitars, basses, floor pedals and a loop machine, they have won my hearts for sure, and are my single greatest discovery of this year's CHBP.

Then I went down to Barboza and caught Ra Scion. I've had a chance to see this emcee, formerly of Common Market, about 4 times this year and he doesn't disappoint. A very underground sound with dense, "conscious" lyrics, but the beats got the BOOM and the BAP, and his delivery is on point. A special shout to DJ Indica Jones, both for backing up Ra and for keeping a 90s rap dance party moving for about 20 minutes after the emcee left stage. SWAG.

After that it was upstairs for Space Ghost Purp. Now I know nothing about these guys, but I had a blast. There were two dudes on stage wildin', along with the most 808 kicks I've ever heard in a 30 minute time period. Kind of the polar opposite of Ra Scion musically, and an interesting contrast for the night.

The absolute highlight, tho, was after midnight when Don't Talk To the Cops tore Neumos to the GROUND.  Hypest show EVER. BlesOne, Emecks and El Mizell were in proper form and full effect, complete with appearance by Ronnie Voice, who was in the group MashHall with El and Bles early on. Rounding it out were a drummer, a guitar/keyboardist and a break dancer. Plus mah fukkas were crowd surfing and everybody was jumping off their feet in the crowd every time the beat dropped. So Fucking Dope.

Can't wait for the next go round