Macklemore - Same Love

One day on the bus when I was 15 I said "That's so gay" in front of my friend Mikaelin Bluespruce. I don't remember what I said it about, but he checked me on it. He came back with: "Man, you know I have two moms, right?" I did know. I had known Mikaelin for like 7 years. I had been to his house, and his two moms had picked him up from my birthday parties and chaperoned us on field trips. I began to backtrack and sputter, "man, I didn't mean-- I'm so sorry--" but he cut me off. "Dude, calm down, I know what you meant. But I just want you to think about why you said it's 'gay' instead of another word. Say what you really mean."

Of course this is a paraphrase of a conversation I had twelve years ago, but it was an important and formative conversation in my social development. I took his words to heart, and decided to actively cut homophobic slurs from my vocabulary. I'm glad he had the guts to stand up for the people he loves, and I'm equally glad he came at me with a thoughtful conversation instead of shaming or berating me.

Fast forward twelve years. We just put another rover on mars -- 154 MILLION MILES AWAY -- and we are STILL having the marriage equality conversation in the United States of America. With Referendum 74 coming up this November in Washington we have a chance to pass big legislation in support of human rights.

Macklemore, the most prolific hip hop artist in the NW right now, has a new song titled "Same Love", produced by Ryan Lewis and featuring Mary Lambert on the hook. Very good. Very important message. Listen now and share: