Golden Tate is a SAVAGE

If you watched the Seahawks kick the crap out of the Cowboys on Sunday, you no doubt remember this hit that relatively small (for the NFL) receiver Golden Tate layed on Cowboy's Sean Lee in the 4th quarter. I loved it, now relive it!

A bunch of the national sports media is saying it should have been an illegal hit, that Lee was "Blindsided", but unless he is legally blind, I will never call getting hit in the chest being blindsided.  Leading with the helmet? Yeah, maybe. Anyways, whether this beastly hit incurs a fine or not, I strongly encourage our boys in blue and neon green to continue the savage hits (Kam Chancellor, Richard Sherman, I'm looking in your direction!).

One more thing before I let you go, if you think this is the first time Golden Tate, known for his speed as a receiver and kick returner, has ever laid the lumber on a defensive player, think again. Check out this gem from the 2011 preseason against the Chargers:


- Luke