Seahawks beat Packers! ...wait for the asterisk.

If you didn't watch that Monday night game, you are effin up! It was crazy. Of course, all the talk is going to be about the one last call, so let me address that first.

Golden Tate went up for a Hail Mary from Russell Wilson with time expiring, seemingly came down with it at the same time as the Packers DB, TD called. Sure, he pushed off in an apparent OPI, but that never gets called on Hail Mary's anyway. Maybe it was an INT, maybe a TD. In real time it looks simultaneous, but that's not the point I want to make. Everybody is going to say that the Packers got jobbed, but the Seahawks have been getting jobbed for YEARS. case in point:

Think all the way back to December 1998. The Seahawks lost to the Jets on what was, at the time, the worst blown call in living memory. Jets QB Testaverde was stopped 1 full foot short of the goal line but the ref signaled TD. There was no instant replay in the NFL this year (in fact this play was the final straw in reinstating instant replay for refs), so there was nothing to be done. Later it came out that the ref "thought the helmet was the ball." Yes. The classic white and green Jets helmet, mistaken for brown pigskin. And this was with REAL referees.

The moral of the story? THE SEAHAWKS HAVE BEEN JOBBED FOR YEARS! Don't even get me STARTED on the 2006 superbowl. So yeah, sucks to be a Packer today, but remember: one of the top ranked offenses in the NFL was held to a measly 12 points by a Seahawks defense that PROVED to the world today that they are elite. HUGE shouts to the SEAfense, the secondary was all but air tight and the line pressured a top passer like he hasn't seen in a long time. Good job hawks, and as always,