50 Next: A Seattle Hip Hop Collection

I while back I was approached to be a part of a huge compilation featuring the best and brightest of Seattle Hip Hop that was to be released to honor the 50 year history of the Seattle Center and the next 50 years of Seattle music. If you follow it at all you know how much talent this music scene has bubbling, and now we have quite the compilation to commemorate what we were doing in 2012, a rap time capsule if you will. Featuring artists such as Grynch, Blue Scholars, Sam Lachow, Spac3man, Dyme Def, State of the Artist and many more (including the one and only Luke Mother Fucking Rain), this is a great compilation to have. Free to bump thru the Soundcloud widget here, and you can purchase it for as little as $5, all proceeds going to support cultural events at the Seattle Center. Bump it, your boy's track is number 53 on the play list.

Buy it here: http://www.50nextseattle.com/

(scroll down a ways, there are multiple options to support)\

Shouts to Aaron Walker-Loud of Big World Breaks for reaching out to me to be part of this project.

- Luke