Macklemore "Thrift Shop" Parody: Pot Shop

So there's like 50 million video views, a national tour, appearances on Ellen and Jimmy Fallon, and of course breaking the billboard and iTunes top 10, but none of that really matters. Cuz NOW, the home town hero Macklemore has a PARODY of his video. Thrift Shop has been re-done (fairly skilfully, I might add) as Pot Shop. Now, I know what ur thinking, cuz I was thinkin the same shit when I first saw the title: This is gonna be another stupid ass stoner version of a hit record that just changes every line to a weed reference. Yeah, kinda, but then in verse two dude goes off and lays out the law: why weed is illegal, why it shouldn't be, and even some of the steps needed to fix this hypocritical bullshit we call drug legislation. If you know me, you know I don't toke any more, but fuck, going to jail over WEED? Been there, and it is as stupid as it sounds.

With that rant over, listen and watch as Steve Berke and Company lampoon one of my favorite videos of 2012:

Props to the homie Mike Jeffery for finding this and posting it on my FB wall.