Vote J. Pinder for the 2013 XX Freshman List

Last year I put up this same article urging my readers to click the link and vote Macklemore onto the 2012 Freshman List, and look who made it? Coincidence? Hell no. This is democracy baby, and the more people who like good music and make their voices heard thru blogs like this one, twitter, facebook and all the other social media out there the better. The world will notice.

This year another hometown hero has made the ballot. J. Pinder has been making good music for years and keeps coming with better product. I've had his videos up on this blog multiple times and am happy to cast my vote for him, and to urge my readers to as well. Click the link below, vote in the poll, and click the J. Pinder link below to tweet with the #jpinder hashtag. All those count toward helping push a talented, hard working artist toward the national spotlight. Make it happen:

Pinder thanks you.