Sir Mix Alot + AJ & the Way on Evening Magazine

My friends Ayron Jones, DeAndre Enrico and Conrad Real, collectively AJ and the Way, a blues-rock from Seattle trio with hip hop leanings, are dope. They are a mix of Jimi Hendrix and Dragon Ball Z. That's why I always loved rockin with them at Cornerstone at the Faire Cafe (RIP). That's why I chose them to be my backing band for a battle-of-the-rappers contest a few years back. That's why I have Ayron on all the guitar solos on my Rain Shine EP. And that's why Sir Mix Alot believes in them to the extent that he is producing their next album and says he believes they can be the next big thing out of Seattle.

Here's Mix Alot on Evening Magazine talking about Baby Got Back, predicting a hit, production and AJ and the Way.