FREE AND DOPE: Raz Simone - Solomon Samuel Simone EP

Lately I've been all about Sam Lachow. I think that makes me a Chowder head. I'm totally okay with that. Last October Sam put out a killer EP with another Seattle up and comer Raz Simone that I have been bumping in heavy rotation since I heard it. Now, ladies and gentlemen, Raz has put out his new (and highly anticipated by me and those that know me) EP entitled Solomon Samuel Simone.

As the title is his government name one would expect it to be a highly personal EP and it delivers just that. Front to back a pretty mellow yet powerful project, you can listen to the 5 track EP straight thru on loop (I did just that this morning at work). My personal favorites, though, if I had to nail it down, are probably the second single "Sometimes I Don't" and the intro "These Kids Throw Rocks."

Best part is? It's a free download. So click the link below to get it, then bump it and share it with all your music loving friends. Lets make Raz Simone a household name.