Lemolo - Knives (Live on KEXP Audioasis)

Last night I went to Neumos to catch the homies Spac3man and OC Notes at their SXSW send off show. Glad I stayed til the end, tho, cuz I got to check out Lemolo. I had not heard of them before, but I was severely impressed. These two ladies have an ambient, hypnotic sound that captivates the attention and keeps the head bobbing like waves on a shore. This song Knives caught me hardest at the show last night and is the first track on their CD. I bumped it like 9 times in a row sitting  in I-90 traffic this afternoon.

Meagan switches back and forth between guitar and piano while singing haunting melodies. Kendra uses a loop station and two keyboards to build the beat then comes in hard on the drums and live percussion. Check em live on KEXP's Audioasis: