My City's Filthy - Wizdom, Grynch, Fearce Villain prod. D-Sane

You want a gritty ass beat? Got you.

Plus you need 3 ill town emcees on the track? Ok, done.

What more could you ask for?

Oh, you want a Seattle classic Macklemore line scratched across the hook????

Well shiiiiit, pahtnah! Why didn't you say so???


Wizdom brings you the new single "My City's Filthy" from his upcoming "The Next Step." Official King of Ballard Grynch and Dyme Def alum Fearce Villain drop mean 16's as well, and D-Sane provides all the grit, grime and gangsta you would expect in a beat when the song's name has FILTHY in the title. 

Now, go buy this shit motherfucker, like you ain't got a dollar. SMH