"GOTTA GET UP" listed on www.misscaseycarter.com

Casey Carter's Cuts

Ok, so I missed this, give me a 10 day late pass, but the wonderful Miss Casey Carter had the good grace to post me in her "Casey Carter's Cuts" section of her blog on 11/11.
I'm honored to be on the same list as big names like T.I. & Rick Ross, and I get to chuckle at appearing that near the names Tyga & Wacka Flocka... although I also GO HARD IN THE PAINT! lol... just prolly not the same paint he was talking about (one of my many side hustles is as a house painter).

Add another endorsement to the LIST! Yeah tho, for all those who haven't yet downloaded the song, check it out!


^^ I'll make it REALLY easy for you ^^