In February, as many of you know, I dropped my first solo album: Liquid.

It's been a few months and I have been getting a lot of good feedback from those who have bought the album digitally and in hard copy, and I had a thought: "Why and I limiting the audience of this record to my existing fan base?"

I had no ready answer for myself, so now I am offering the digital download of Liquid for FREE!

I really want people to enjoy this music, so when you hear it and like it, let other people know! Please download, listen, and share it with your friends. Oh yeah, and for anybody who still wants to be old school classy and shell out their hard earned skrilla for a hard copy, you can buy one on the bandcamp page, it links to my Paypal.


PS- if you're wondering whether to spend your valuable time checking out a new artist, I recommend GOTTA GET UP, STILL A STAR and THIRST to start with. If you like any of that, give the whole disc a spin.