The official Trap Jesus debut, and I feel GLORIOUS!

astral remix

Luke Rain's Trap Jesus Remix of Astral, by Ruslan Belovorodov.


That feeling you get just as the train jumps off the track...

I had another great time attending iStandard's Beast of the Beats competition in LA in December. I won my first round matchup with this nasty trap banger. This sound plus my hair and beard combo won me the nickname "Trap Jesus" for the rest of the weekend and beyond. More on that soon, for now, enjoy SLIDEWAYS...

Bingx - In My Prayers

(prod. Luke Rain)

Bingx is an extremely talented rapper, singer and performer, and people have taken notice. In My Prayers is currently over 134,000 views on YouTube and counting. 

More Bingx...

Black Man On Skis - Summer 2015 highlight reel

Instrumental: Mohogany (prod. Luke Rain)

My brother from another mother Reed Lewis has been fearlessly doing flips his entire life. From gymnastics to high diving to roller blading half pipes. I had the honor of growing up following in his ski tracks and now he's among the best freestyle trick skiers around. I'm honored to provide the soundtrack to his 2015 summer highlight reel. Please follow Black Man On Skiis on youtube and @BMOSReedLewis on socials.

jenny jade - miss communication


When I first met Jenny Jade at an ASCAP Expo afterparty I heard her sing this song acapella. From that moment I knew I wanted to work with her. Now I'm proud to call her one of my closet friends and favorite musical minds. So of course I'm extremely proud to present Jenny Jade's debut single, Miss Communication. Please follow her on Soundcloud to catch the next Luke Rain/Jenny Jade collaboration

2015: remastered

These were my personal favorites of the beats I made in 2015, remastered with my 2016 engineering self. Looking forward to listening to these with 2017 ears and hearing how far I've come again.