Sam Shoemaker releases 'HARPER'S FERRY'

This is the first collaboration between Seattle-based emcee Sam Shoemaker and Trap Jesus

"This is the culmination of three years of effort, thousands of dollars, struggle, personality clashes, and planning for just one track. This is the product of collaboration with a lot of extremely talented people who I respect immensely contributing a piece of themselves to a vision that started in my guts. All I wanted to accomplish was to remember a place, a time, and a group of people who chose to resist the widespread oppression of many with a violent resistance against an immoral structure, and who paid for it with their lives. I hope you'll click on the link and give it a listen, and feel free to contribute your own thoughts on the subject. Amen John Brown...Amen..."      -Sam Shoemaker

"Harpers Ferry"
Writer and Executive Producer: Sam Shoemaker
Produced by: @whatwouldtrapjesusdo and D-Sane
Vocals by: Sam Shoemaker, Jazz Digga, and the New Life Christian Church of Seattle Choir
Engineered by: Seth McDonald at Robert Lang Studios and D-Sane at Digital Age Sound