Two of Producer Dojo’s finest have teamed up to bring you: THANKS TO JAH!

Trap Jesus has teamed up with Producer Dojo heavy hitter 6th Street to bring you ‘Thanks to Jah,’ an ode to Gratitude that blends that classic Dancehall Dub Reggae grit with this modern Festival Bass Stage boom that will have you thanking Jah for the subwoofers.

The pair linked when Trap Jesus was visiting LA to assist ill.Gates at Producer Dojo HQ (for the first time as an official Dojo Sensei!) and for iStandard Beat Camp (2nd place in the showcase!). So what was already a great trip got even better when 6th Street had Trap Jesus over to the studio to work on a collab submission for the upcoming Cypher 010, a celebration of the sounds of Jamaica.

To capture the classic sounds they began with recording 6th Street on live guitar, bongos, shakers, claps and percussion sounds, then Trap laid down the vocal, and gotta give a shout to the homie EJ for that one shout of his we used! After that they jumped in the DAW to build and arrange the track, adding drums and booming bass. Trap Jesus took the track home to Seattle and with four or five rounds of feedback from 6th Street and ill.Gates we polished it to the finished product. Music really is a team sport, and working in the Producer Dojo is the best and most effective music team I’ve ever found. Steel sharpens steel, so thanks so much for all the Class of 808 members who are here to help each other hone their craft.

Thanks to Professor Lightwav for the awesome visuals!!!

Luke RainComment