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Last week I had the amazing opportunity to sit down and have a conversation with Syren, producer and host of the music producer podcast, Beats, Grind and Life. Syren had some great questions for me and of course I went off on some great tangents and told some stories most folks haven’t heard! Thanks so much for the talk, Syren! I hope y’all enjoy the podcast!

This week on Beats Grind & Life we return with a budding Seattle producer, Trap Jesus aka Luke "Motherf*cking" Rain. Trap Jesus is a Music Artist, Songwriter, DJ, Producer and Educator representing the world renown Bounce Gvng. This is honestly one of the best conversations I've had on this show. You got to tune in to hear the crazy story of how he got his oddly unique name, how traveling to larger markets once a month has aided his career and the new method he suggests you use while making beats. This episode is loaded with great advice and necessary information. Check it out now!!!

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