Producer Dojo "Timer Beats Only" Mixtape

The Producer Dojo is back at it this month with another mixtape:

Cypher 013 - Timer Beats Only

“So proud of my team of Ninjas on this one. Everyone had to make the first draft of the track in under 2 hours and get it approved before continuing, meaning it had to be an impressive idea FAST. Everybody who made the cut really killed it, and i’m honored to be a part of this project.” - Trap Jesus

Trap Jesus Curated this Cypher, giving feedback to all the Ninjas along the way, choosing the final tracklist and mixing the cuts together. Closing out the tape is Trap Jesus’ new song, Time Is Nigh, a slowed down trap bass track inspired by the theme of the Cypher that will leave you head banging til the Armageddon.


Luke RainComment